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Illimani (Illimani means golden eagle in Aymara)
It is the majestic mountain of 6,462m that adorns the horizon of the La Paz city, and it’s the highest in the Cordillera Real. Although it’s considered a mountain, is actually an extinct volcano, which had its last eruption in 1869.

Trying to imagine La Paz without the mountain giant is virtually impossible, because of the contrast between the great crater that is La Paz and the vast and surprisingly white Illimani. During the evening twilights, with the clear air of La Paz, Illimani goes through different colors, until it extinguished all pale white with its eternal snow, only to reverse the process at sunrise.

This huge massif of more than 8 km long, has four peaks which exceed 6,000m and was climbed for the first time in 1898 by Sir William Martin Conway of Allington, during his expeditions in South America.

Climbing the Illimani will give you an indescribable experience. With its unsurpassed scenery, contrasts, ecosystems and eternal snow, its one of the most beautiful mountains on the continent. The best time for climbing is from April to August. If you reach the summit you will have spectacular views of the Altiplano, the Lake Titicaca, Peru, the Sajama Volcano, Chile and some valleys dropping into the rainforest!

It is a technical climb, but with Topas Travel, we will take you there and back, with our main focus on safety and wuality. We have everything you need, you just need to bring courage and some experience. Our english speaking guides have been there before, and they know exactly what they are doing.

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